MsgEasy: YTool Ultimate YouTube Comment Replying and Analytics

Your Audience needs your Attention!

Creators ! your audience love you and they deserve your attention. But we understand that responding to hundreds of comments is hard and so is finding right audience when you’re starting out. We use most advance AI algorithms and analytics to generate beautiful, personalized, and contextual comments that your users will love. Also, we bring the right users to your attention further strengthening the bond of loyalty.

AI Powered replies to user comments

Your users show their love through their comments in form of feedback, appreciation, query or sometimes anger. They all need your careful consideration, love and attention. We humbly identify such user comments, write an apt response all you need to do is swipe right with love

Infinity ∞ Endless engagement

Infinity Mode showcases all the comments you've received on your channel videos, providing a comprehensive view of audience engagement. Filter out the right comments using our advanced filters like comment categories, sentiments, and comment time. Swipe through the cards and engage more effectively with your diverse audience.

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Channels

Now, you can easily control and switch seamlessly between all your channels with just a few taps. You can reply and respond to audiences' comments of all your channels directly from the MsgEasy: YTool app. This makes you comment replying across all your channels a piece of cake for you.

Why MsgEasy: YTool ?

Encourage loyalty
Loyalty is an emotion that we understand too well. Our effort is to identify and reinforce loyal behavior amongst your audience.
Save time
Time is the most precious asset and should be spent wisely, we are nothing if we don’t make it worth your while.
Save cost
Money is hard to earn, and we promise to save you a bunch
There are processes that can be outsourced, but we feel audience engagement should not be. We make it super easy for you to have your cake and eat it too!
Get inspired
Inspiration cannot be defined, generated, or controlled but can most surely be guided. Our goal is to let you discover and Fantasize
Build community
Our goal is to move away from transactional nature of content consumption and encourage audience participation and enable great conversation